[kwlug-disc] Confession (DVI)

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Tue Mar 9 00:25:05 EST 2010

Was about to say the same as Adam.

When I was doing S-Video out, I had to make sure the cable was 
connected at boot time, the Nvidia would not fire that port up 
otherwise. I'm pretty sure the TV didn't have to be on, just the cable 
plugged in - although, probably, plugged in at both ends.

What are you working on, a desktop, a notebook, a ???

When I switched from S-Video to HDMI (now connected to TV via a 
DVI/HDMI dongle), I ran into the same thing. Which is to say, (1) you 
can do this, (2) simplified my life by not having YAC (Yet Another 
Cable) type kicking around.

My new netbook has DVI out, if you blurb at me closer to next meeting 
date, I can bring it and a working DVI / HDMI cable. We can prove your 
cable, and perhaps prove your setup if it's portable.

Richard Weait wrote, On 03/08/2010 2:07 PM:
> Sorry I'm so late for our appointment.  I'll just sit here on the couch.
> Okay.  This has been eating me up.  I'll just say it.
> I've never successfully used a DVI cable on my computers.  There. It's
> out.  The words are laying on the ground like dust.
> I'm expecting:
> - unplug working video card -> vga cable -> vga monitor input
> - connect same video card-> DVI-D cable -> DVI input on same monitor
> - video works
> What I'm getting:
> - unplug working video card -> vga cable -> vga monitor input
> - connect same video card -> DVI-D cable -> DVI input on same monitor
> - Monitor says, "check video cable" in an accusing manner.
> Sure, I've tried.  I don't want to be the Luddite on my block.  I've tried:
> - multiple monitors with DVI inputs (HP, two different model numbers)
> - multiple video cards with DVI outputs (radeons and an nvidia)
> In each case, the cold-eyed "check video cable" is met by the
> rage-filled seething cauldron of hate that is my approach to trouble
> shooting.  In each case, the video card and monitor even work when
> using the DVI output with a little dvi-vga dongle and a vga cable to
> the dvi input.  What am I missing?  Must these video cards be tweaked
> by a DVI-D driver to output for a DVI-D cable?  Is there a particular
> sacrifice required?  Do these cards usually need to change jumper
> settings for DVI-D?
> pebkac is almost certain.  Go ahead.  Hit me.  Or if you have a
> known-good DVI-D cable I can borrow, I'd be all over that, too.
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