[kwlug-disc] Tools to get data into a mysql database

Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 2 10:19:16 EST 2010

Given your description I am inferring that the data is not in a digital format.

You could 
A) Digitalize and load
1. Scan it and OCR it post processing it column based into a CSV file, probably using sed.
2. Use the MySQL tools to load the tables
3. Proof read it (may be faster than typing)

My first job was at a data entry company, my job was writing programs to clean up the data.

There I learned that double entry is a very good way to ensure cleanliness.

If you do to OCR scans, convert to CSV and then compare the two files, you will be able to find discrepancies using diff or a similar tool.

B) Enter it manually.
1. In Open Office Database, connect to your MySQL database 
2. Enter the data either in a table form or if there are fields with value sets then a form with drop downs (may save typing time and errors)

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> Subject: [kwlug-disc] Tools to get data into a mysql database
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> What kind of tools are available to
> get a decent sized pile of data into a mysql database via
> keyboard?  i.e. I've got tables full of rows and
> columns of data that I have to input via a keyboard and end
> up as a nice mysql database.
> g.
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