[kwlug-disc] ok, time for me to shut up about online courses

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Mon Jun 14 16:09:13 EDT 2010

Horse manure.  

All I see is you asking for help in configuring an, admittedly for pay, service in which you are investing time and no little effort to get it right.  All that ". . .  regular member of the KWLUG mailing list . . ." Is exercise the delete option.  Maybe some of the rest of would like to know what's happening. 

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Subject: [kwlug-disc] ok, time for me to shut up about online courses

  a regular member of the KWLUG mailing list just dropped me a note
and suggested (entirely appropriately, i might add) that i've probably
mentioned my online course(s) more than enough by now and that i was
riding that ragged edge of using the KWLUG list for commercial
purposes.  and i can certainly appreciate the concern.

  so, at this point, i think anyone on the list who wants to follow
the course has already decided to do so, so i'm going to shut up about
it and get back to asking questions and contributing answers.  my
apologies for pushing the bounds of decorum here.



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