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John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
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> Most people don't consider add-on costs. First perceptions are
> extremely difficult to override. Too much thinking involved. Why do
> you think things are priced at $3.99 and not $4.00? Why do you think
> there is such emphasis placed on making a good *first* impression?

My issue with that is that I go away thinking either 3.99 or 4 and sometimes I forget which I committed to memory and end up calling it 3 or 4.99.

Often the first impression is based on emotion. If you really want something new you allow yourself be fooled. Mail-in rebates are an example. You make your decision, factoring in the mail-in rebate, then most people (80% I think) fail to mail it in. Enamoured with their purchase they forget the dull step of getting their rebate money back.

> Marketing can be, and usually is, sleazy and can tarnish anything and
> make it very difficult for an honest person to do business honestly.

When comparing two products one has to assume each inflated the subjective specs by the same amount. We know everyone does it. How real is your resume? Sure the facts are right, but the subjective things are always inflated and HR expects it.

I just finished a book called "Your call is very important to us: The Truth About Bullshit". It's hilarious.

> Just try to get a clean computer, no operating system. I haven't found
> such a source and I've been looking for over two years.

A guess here. Most people don't want one. In the server market where the OS is far less predictable and far less controlled by dominating software vendors, all servers initially come without OS.

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