[kwlug-disc] are you going to be a criminal?

John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Mon Jun 7 00:02:22 EDT 2010

At 23:31 2010-06-06, Bob Jonkman  wrote:
>Analoge video copy protection < .. snip ...>  The audio is unaffected, tho.

The list has been kicking around DVDs, CDs, HDMI, etc. plus a 
retrospective to VHS & NTSC (mea culpa).
I did a quick search on the thread and noted that broadcast HDTV had 
not been mentioned.

I think that the discussion on DRM and copyrights will extend to 
broadcast HDTV where, except for the RF modulation/demodulation 
scheme, the content in the broadcast signal will be digital. Which 
leaves open the potential for recording digital content without a 
having the original content on any physical medium, e.g. DVD disc. 
The scheduled switch over to broadcast HDTV  may one of the 
motivators of the legislation.

With NTSC, video including h & v sync are amplitude modulated and the 
audio subcarriers (plural) are frequency modulated on the baseband 
carrier frequency.

As an aside, and as far as I know, the existing broadcast system 
especially the lower channels do not have the bandwidth required for 
HDTV hence, after the switch over to HDTV, these frequencies will be 
reallocated to other services.


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