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> Hi Gang
> I just want to make this one quick comment.
> Is DRM digital locks really just "Trusted Computing" with a new face?
> Will DRM digital locks morph into the "Trusted Computing" model?
> I read via Groklaw in the Comes Vs. Microsoft files, that MS mode of
> operation is to get others to do their battles for them.
> Pushing this point of view with documentation may be enough to get
> some MP's to take a second look at this.
> More on this after my operation.

Hmm, I see parallels. However the promise of trusted computing is to make computing secure. The promise of DRM is to protect the content owner. On the surface the average joe might see them as radically different. You are right in the sense that they can both be abused by corporate interest.

The promises of course are thin veils over the real intention.

I haven't read all of bill C32, but I haven't seen where the anti-circumvent can control technology like a computer.

This raises the question: What does the anti-circ rule actually apply to? Is it just performance art? Is it literature? Is it any copywritten work?
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