[kwlug-disc] are you going to be a criminal?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Fri Jun 4 20:20:06 EDT 2010

Joe Wennechuk wrote, On 06/04/2010 8:12 PM:
> Do I have to throw away backtrack, and remove any instance of the
> ISO. I will be a criminal for possessing this?

Acquired before or after the law gets passed?

Your ISO will be useless (after passing), as you will not have been 
able to crack the lock.

And if you believe that ...

Yes, you will be illegal. Even attempting to will be criminal 
behaviour. Well, not criminal, finable. Apparently $5k per.

But ... IIUC ... if you have the DVD, and download a broken copy? (You 
didn't break the lock.) The provider of the copy, and the provider of 
the mechanism for breaking the copy - they're criminal. You're fine. 
Go figure.

So someone in the U.S. says, virtually, to someone in China, 'Bad 
boy!' Good luck with that.

Following this ... you can expect ISPs to be required to deny traffic 
more than ever. Particularly en masse, like, anything from China.

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