[kwlug-disc] Google dumps Windows OS

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Tue Jun 1 16:14:27 EDT 2010

John Van Ostrand wrote, On 06/01/2010 10:38 AM:
> It's good to see a large company decide that all corporate desktops
> should not run Windows.
> http://bit.ly/dk4f8B

This gets annoying ... they keep saying Mac or Linux.

Which Linux?

I guess that's a reflection of this list and the market. The market 
thinks that since 'Mac' is relatively self-explanatory 
(self-contained?), that the same should be true for the term 'Linux'.

Whereas I'd like to know which distro, which window manager, which 
primary apps, etc., etc.

e.g. Khalid points out, astutely, that if Google is largely a browser 
based environment, and is moving to a Linux basis, perhaps there is an 
emphasis on browser apps (Chrome, presumably), but there is probably 
also an emphasis upon the underpinnings of what's holding the browser 
up. And by emphasis I mean and include development efforts and 
support, on FOSS apps. (By which FOSS users would benefit.)

So ... great for Linux.

But which one(s)? :^|

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