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> Rashkae wrote, On 07/30/2010 11:24 AM:
> - it also points out that Samba (at the time) was ready to accommodate
> ACLs. In actual practice, does this (mostly) meld the worlds
> effectively, extending Windows ACLs (or user/group lists) to Linux
> file servers (with acl enabled partitions)? [It notes, or rather, the
> whitepaper does, that using Windows on a samba Linux file will let you
> manipulate ACLs a la Windows.
> [And, from what I quickly reviewed, my earlier in the thread thought
> of having a .perms file in a directory makes even more sense.]

All Linux processes are restricted by file permissions and ACL access, unless the process is running as root.

Samba has its own version of ACLs that one can apply to shares. Since log ago these were configuration file options like "Valid Users" and "Write Users" but I think what you are reading is the support for Microsoft ACL to Linux group mapping. This allows users to use a microsoft client to use the file properties dialog to set permissions on a file.

In any event in order to access file through a samba share the user has to pass through the Samba ACLs first then the file system ACLs. Both have to allow access for access to be granted. Samba can be configured with the Force User and Force Group configurations that override the user and as a result override the ACLs.


NFS does seem to support ACLs. I'm using Fedora 11 and 13 as clients and SLES 10 as the server.

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