[kwlug-disc] Access rights to file/folder

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Thu Jul 29 22:40:43 EDT 2010

John Van Ostrand wrote, On 07/29/2010 10:19 AM:
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>> John Van Ostrand wrote, On 07/28/2010 5:16 PM:
>> Remind me please:
>> - 'posix acl's are (not?) the standard permissions? i.e. chmod,
>> etc. - sticky bit? - umask? - seems to me the gui programs, e.g.
>> file properties in konqueror, understand / work with 'standard
>> permissions.' Do they also tend to be acl aware?
> I'm not sure of the proper terms, but I would use "traditional unix
> permissions" or posix permissions to describe the "-rw-rw-rw user
> group" permissions that you see when you run "ls -l" and posix ACLs
> for the access control lists that you see when you run "getfacl *"
> Traditional permissions allow for only three classifications of
> people: user, group and others whereas ACLs allow a more complex
> list.

Thanks, that helps. I think I'll just continue on my oblivious way and 
ignore any adjectives around the word 'permissions' and just think of 
them as permissions. No doubt this will bite me some day.

Having said that, yes ... acls are out there too, but I'm hoping to be 
safe just tracking permissions and acls - sans adjectives. (-:

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