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Fair and corrected.

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> The FSF's interpretation is like any other interpretation. The
thing the can additionally
        > contribute is their intention since they
have created it. However, they have no more
        > authority in regard of
interpreting the interrelationship between the GPL and statutory/
law as any other person trained in law.


        I think you are again confusing the spirit (Which is the
intention under which the license was written) with the letter, which
is the bottom part of your paragraph.


A license is a permission, not a law. The question is in what sense
such a permission *put* additional obligations on you. That part is
restricted by law.

You could very well put out a license saying, "if you use this
software, you agree to give me all your possessions you have".

However, the spirit of "law" says that such a condition would *not* be

- Ralph


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