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> Except if there are some Legal documents that HR must have access to.
> Then you need to create that other group and maybe the head of HR may
> need access to a different "Legal Documents" subset that other HR
> people don't have access to.

Then it is classified differently. Isn't this what security is all about. Classifying data and assigning permissions?

> A) As you described: Creating a ACL that other users and/or ACLs
> belong to then granting access to that ACL
> B) As I described before: Granting rights to several users and/or ACLs

But with the standard permissions, the sticky bit and a proper umask I can control inheritance of permissions. I don't see how that can be done with ACLs.

How do I make it so that files created by Alice, who doesn't share a group with Bob, can be edited by Bob, but not others? The same could be said for read permissions.

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