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I have just read about it but i have not tried it yet.

set the folder as as samba share.
assign a user name and password to the folder
     This would be stored in samba passwords file on the host computer

I have not tried it yet, in fact the whole password thingy in Samba has had me baffled. I will now go out and try to find some links in this.


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In Windows you can select who has access to a file/folder, by selecting either ACLs (groups) or user IDs from the local computer or the domain.

In Linux, as far as I know, each file belongs to ONE user and ONE group. So if you need access, you are either the user-owner or you get added to the owner-group.

Is there a way in Linux to grant access to a specific file for a specific user without making it member of the owner-group

Or alternatively: how is the fine-grain access problem solved under Linux?

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