[kwlug-disc] Linus viruses

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Tue Jul 27 19:35:11 EDT 2010

Insurance Squared Inc. wrote, On 07/27/2010 7:10 PM:
> On another thread on this list, someone wrote:
> Time and time again we are seeing that even with the protections in 
> place, JavaScript ends up doing more harm than good. Many of the 
> problems would simple not exist if JavaScript were not there.
> I call foul :).  I'm on the interwebs pushing the 'any' key all day long 
> on my linux desktop and I have 0 security issues with Java - Or anything 
> else for that matter.  So I pose the following questions:
> 1) have you ever had your linux desktop hacked?  Or any type of security 
> breach?

I think, in the context of the thread you're referring to, your 
'premise' isn't quite reasonable.

'Hacked', I think, is another one of those terms, like 'nefarious', 
that means different things to different people.

If, instead of 'hacked', you substituted 'unintended, unwanted, or 
unanticipated behaviour', then these (my) comments don't apply.

If such a substitution were made, and in the context of the 
originating thread, then I cannot imagine the answers not being 
overwhelmingly: YES, darn it!

Page referrals, refreshes, redirections, pictures, spam, and the list 
probably goes on far longer than what any of us would like.

In these senses, I think 'nefarious' behaviour is platform agnostic.


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