[kwlug-disc] Vidar800 SCSI Scanner

Joe Wennechuk youcanreachmehere at hotmail.com
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It is a vidar truscan800; it is very big, for blueprint drawings and such. I have checked the list and don't see it. All of the drivers are for win 98/NT, there are some Mac drivers for older Macs. It was working fine until Saturday. It could be the scanner itself. I haven't eliminated it yet, because I can't find anything else that I know it <SHOULD> work on to test it.

Joseph Wennechuk


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What's the model? Have you cross-referenced against the supported Scanners list?


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Subject: [kwlug-disc] Vidar800 SCSI Scanner
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I am trying to get his scanner to work. I did an update to adobe in windows, and now this scanner won't work a all. I tried to use an ubuntu 9.10 live cd to see if xsane would work, but it seems the scanner is not recognized at all. Does anyone have any experience with such matters? The machine is only used for scanning, so this would be an excellent oppotunity to introduce linux to my boss in smal steps.

Joseph Wennechuk

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