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> Why does the corporation own the copyright again? Because the
> developer
> traded their rights for a fixed salary and some benefits.

More accurately, the person who accepts risk should retain the copyright. If a programmer is paid, up front at full rate, to do work, especially on time-and-materials basis, the customer should retain copyright. If the programmer wants to reduce the cost of the software in order to retain copyright, then he accepts some risk.

> That worked well when there was loyalty from the corporation towards
> its
> employees, and everyone retired with a gold watch.
> Now that there is no loyalty, it is just the same as being under
> contract, but
> not with a defined term.
> Sorry, I am digressing ...

There is nothing special about the work a programmer does. (S)he puts in hours of time using expertise and is paid for it. No different than another employee. If the company lays them off, they stop being paid. 

> And, much like a researcher's work from which a company seeks a
> patent.

Who risked? The company paid the researcher without knowing how long it would take or how much it would cost or if it would result in a feasible invention. 

The researcher was paid regardless of whether he hit the targets or not. His bonus and future compensation would be better if he did, but that is all the researcher risked.

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