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Isn't that Drupal's story?  Php-nuke was wildly successful, but there 
were problems with the developer.  They forked it to something else 
(Joomla?) with other developers, then that became drupal?  Maybe not 
that exactly, but I know php-nuke was forked into something even more 

On 26/07/10 02:31 PM, Andrew Kohlsmith (mailing lists account) wrote:
> On Monday, July 26, 2010 02:03:04 pm Johnny Ferguson wrote:
>> I guess as an example:
>> 1. Team X creates WebWidget5000, spending $4000
>> 2. Team X creates WW5000 Support Premium
>> 3. Team Y comes along and undercuts WW5000 Support Premium
>> 4. Team X is very sad
>> 5. Team Y laughs mischievously
> That's called a fork, and is encouraged by OSS. If Team Y can push updates and
> create a better platform, the customers win. If Team Y tries and fails because
> they're total douchebags and stole code they couldn't write anyway, then the
> customers win.
> Obviously Team X would feel that the first scenario isn't so good, and there's
> a valid argument for that, but really we see this in the physical world with
> cheap knockoffs coming out of countries with lax or nonexistent protection
> laws. It's much harder to sell knockoff physical items than software, and if
> it's support, the chances are very good that Team Y would have a pretty bad
> rep and would have difficulty selling support for a codebase they really aren't
> all that familiar with, not to mention not being in sync with the real WW5000.
>> I suppose whether GPL or Proprietary, the same scenario could occur, but
>> with proprietary, Team Y would have to have some kind of magical powers.
> Or a stolen codebase. Or a rogue developer from Team X, or... ?
> -A.
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