[kwlug-disc] OT: Roger's phone services

John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Mon Jul 19 12:33:55 EDT 2010

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> Let's see...
> - delays before the Nortel system rings (because the ATA is waiting
> for the
> 2nd ring for CallerID), then the Nortel waits for 2 for the same
> reason

The ATA will get the CID from the SIP header. Why would it wait for rings?

> - "disconnect" between SIP extensions (which appear as external calls
> to the
> Nortel system) and Nortel extensions
> - inability to transfer calls from SIP to nortel or vice-versa

If asterisk were in front of the whole system and passing calls to the nortel PBX just to use the extensions, then why wouldn't * be passed through to Asterisk? Does a nortel system eat *s?

I suppose at that point one could just put in analog phones.
> - callerID for SIP extensions not showing up as extensions ot Nortel

Didn't I see a ATA of sorts for Nortel phones. You plug in many nortel phones and they are proxied to SIP phones?

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