[kwlug-disc] [way OT] how to de-virus someone's windows box?

Johnny Ferguson hyperflexed at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 03:50:42 EDT 2010

I think the only humane thing to do is take it out back with a shotgun 
and put the poor thing out of its misery.

Alternatively, I used to swear by Avira Antivir. Viruses are nasty 
though. I was hit by one that corrupted every archive file on my system. 
I lost quite a lot of important stuff, and was finally pushed into using 

I think the basic steps are:

1. Find out what the virus is

2. Find out what it can do

3. Salvage data accordingly

4. Get out the windows CD and get ready to spend the next hour 	clicking 
buttons and installing drivers for everything.

I wish I could offer a rosier solution, but de-virusing windows is like 
trying to get the ink from an exploded pen out of the dryer. You can do 
so much, but there will always be a mark of some kind left behind.


On 07/19/2010 03:40 AM, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>    "you work with computers?  great.  my windows system seems to have a
> virus.  can you fix it?"
>    so since we all hear this on occasion, what's some basic advice on
> devirusing someone's windows box?  any and all advice appreciated,
> thanks.
> rday

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