[kwlug-disc] Roger's VoIP - equipment?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sun Jul 18 08:57:54 EDT 2010

Anyone know the nature of the equipment used in Roger's VoIP?

First - for home.

Unlimitel (Presumably): modem <-> QoS capable router gateway [<-> QoS 
Capable Switches] <-> ATA device <-> telephone

For Internet and TV, Roger's splits the cable early on, one to the 
modem (at which point the above diagram applies), and one to the tv 
(or digital terminal box).

For Home Phone AFAIK they split the cable again to their own / 
provided (router / gateway / ata) in a box. [Removing the ATA above, 
and the phone plugging into this box.]

Can anyone confirm?

Next - for business.

I assume this gets more complicated due to the variety of scenarios - 
multi-line (up to ?) phones vs. key system (up to, what, 20?, 
connection points, where a connection point is an incoming line or a 
telephone set) vs. PBX (when key system capacity is exceeded).

I presume Roger's isn't renting / providing complete internal PBX's / 
sets, so what are they doing, providing a whack of switches and ATA's 
and hooking them up to currently existing equipment?

Sounds like most businesses definitely want to have a consultant to 
hand, unless they like pulling their hair out, and probably rent 
rather than buy. I'd guess that switching telephone sets, or systems 
to keep current / VoIP capable, gets ... complicated.


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