[kwlug-disc] anyone with a cheap scope for sale?

John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Fri Jul 16 09:36:56 EDT 2010

I agree on the "risky". To Richard's point Re: bandwidth. IMHO A 
'scope built around a PC sound card will have a bandwidth cap of 
about 20 kHz which is no where near 2 MHz. And will, therefore, be 
unusable with RF or digital signals faster than 1 to 5 kHz.

Regards: JJ

At 09:19 2010-07-16, you wrote:
>*files under "good to know"*
>I've seen DIY scopes, but so far not many good Open Source scopes (I 
>think there's a really ghetto one you can build with a simple 
>circuit and your PC soundcard, always seemed a tad risky).

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