[kwlug-disc] Mandriva 2010 Spring

Insurance Squared Inc. gcooke at insurancesquared.com
Tue Jul 13 08:15:58 EDT 2010

Time to buy powerpack again!

On one hand, the $75 or whatever it is that I pay every year or so is a 
screamin' deal because I use the same disk on my computer, my wife's 
computer, all the laptops in the house, my mom's computer, my sister's 
computer, my webservers.......

On the other hand, I now spend more on linux than I ever did with 
windows (never updated windows unless it came with a new PC).  That 
doesn't even make any sense :).


On 13/07/10 07:06 AM, Gary Walsh wrote:
> It is summer and it is hot and Mandriva . . .er . . ah . . Spring 2010
> is finally released.   It was delayed due to Mandriva's financial
> difficulties and restructuring.
> http://www.mandriva.com/enterprise/en/company/press/mandriva-presents-mandriva-linux-2010-spring

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