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> I've got a backup system running where I rsync my desktop over to a backup
> server then I tar it up every night.
> The tar seems to be capped at 2gigs.  Any idea on why that would be?  I
> wonder if it's not the filesystem type.  I've got two large drives in the
> backup server, one is set up as ext4 (that's where the tar is happening) and
> the other is set up as linux native.  I don't know why I set it up that way
> - could that be the problem, and what type of filesystem should I be using?

I am able to create tar archives that are 72GB in size, on a 64 bit version.
So obviously, tar can do it.

Check ulimit -a and see if you have a limit on the maximum file size. Make
sure you do it from the shell of the user that is doing the backup.
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