[kwlug-disc] help syncing Blackberry on Ubuntu 10.4

R. Brent Clements rbclemen at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 11:49:12 EDT 2010

The screen on my BB is lighting up but not displaying anything.
Before I take it to get fixed or replaced I need to back it up.  I
installed the barry utils and ran the backup, but was surprised to see
that nothing was human-readable, so I am a little worried.  Is that
normal?  and if I end up with a different BB will it restore

I tried to get the msynctool to copy the addressbook.  I can't find
any problem with the configuration, but I get the message "Member 1 of
type barry-sync had an error while connecting: database name not
found: Calendar"

I tried disabling syncing of the calendar, but it didn't help.

Any help would be appreciated.


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