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John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
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Hi Adam,

We do registration however we don't try to compete on price with places like GoDaddy or other cheap domain places.

We compete on personal service. Our customers like the fact that they can rely on us to do the right thing. A cheap domain registrar basically gives away registration for cost and hopes to make money on upgrades. 

If you are comfortable with all things related to domain registration and internet hosting, or you want to learn, you can try out one of the cheap ones.

Our customers are people who don't want to deal with domains. The ones that venture out to save a few dollars often become confused by the registrar's sales staff into doing something wrong with their domain. They call us with email or web site issues and we have to correct it for them. Sometimes it takes days to correct.

I imagine this: You register with a cheap domain place, and to make money from you a call-centre phone jockey calls to sell more services by saying something like "I see you don't have a web site with your domain (meaning, but not saying that it's not with them). Then they ask "Do you want a web site?" The customers panics thinking their site is down and says yes. The registrar switches the host address to a parked page and days or a week later the customer call us saying their site is down.

Again the summary is: If you want to deal with the intricacies of domain and hosting go ahead and get cheap, it's the same domain. If you want piece of mind and don't mind spending a few extra dollars a year consider us.

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> In a desperate bid to improve my geek cred, I think I should finally
> register my own domain.
> Any KWLUGers do registration? If not, anyone have any recommendations
> or horror stories?
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