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Tue Jul 6 17:18:53 EDT 2010

Hard to see what Cedric's offering from the site (perhaps he could 
provide some info?), but he's local which is good.  And I'll inject that 
he's always treated me more than fair.

Actually, one of the benefits of dealing with a Canadian company is our 
insane privacy laws.  Particularly if you use a private registration 
option, the laws should ensure that your info's not going out the back 
door to someone - which is what I've heard rumours of from other 
registrars.  And you know I'm paranoid to care about that :).

Personally if I'm registering one domain I'm not going to sweat $15 vs 
$20.  it's $5 a year and the one time you need service the $5 will be 
paid back.

On 06/07/10 05:11 PM, unsolicited wrote:
> Adam Glauser wrote, On 07/06/2010 4:37 PM:
>> In a desperate bid to improve my geek cred, I think I should finally 
>> register my own domain.
> <insert snide, lost cause, remark here>
>> Any KWLUGers do registration?  If not, anyone have any 
>> recommendations or horror stories?
> Cedric, a KWLUGer, at ccj/clearline - http://ccjclearline.com/.
> Personally, I'm at easydns - http://web.easydns.com/. Was there long 
> before I became aware of Cedric, had signed up for 10 years, and have 
> been quite pleased with them, so have not yet had cause or opportunity 
> to change.
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