[kwlug-disc] FLOSS-friendly oil change

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Tue Jul 6 10:52:19 EDT 2010

Here is a corporation that has retail franchises developing on Linux for
various reasons (stability, security [no need to have anti-virus],
[they can create their own distro, or select one that is close to what they
low cost [no license fees, but perhaps they pay for support?]).

And who says Linux is not winning. Linux *IS* winning, but not in areas
that we want/wish it would win at.

Linux is everywhere in servers, embedded systems, phones, ...etc.

Just like when Java started. In the mid to late 90s, Java Applets were
being pushed as the only way users will get interactive applications
over the web. Where are applets now, and where is Java? Java is
a corporate application stack and a mobile phone stack. Applets are
no where to be seen. AJAX and Flash are where web application
interactivity is.

Same for Linux: it has won, it is winning, it will win. Just not where you
expect it to be (the desktop). At least not immediately ...
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