[kwlug-disc] Mobile internet

Insurance Squared Inc. gcooke at insurancesquared.com
Fri Jul 2 12:29:51 EDT 2010

Looking for a mobile internet solution (mostly webmail) for our one week 
vacation up north.  Have decent (probably analog) reception where we are 
on Bell, I think there's little to no Rogers connectivity.

I want to hook this on to my linux laptop.

1) Any ideas on the least expensive way to do this through a mobile 
internet stick? Bell said 'it doesn't work on linux' which I suspect 
means 'it's not posted as compatible, therefore I'll just say it doesn't 
work, even if it does".
2) Better ways to do this?  i.e. I've got unlimited data on my 
blackberry storm, anyone ever tethered their blackberry to a linux 
laptop?  I think that doing so makes Bell grumpy, not sure if I care.
3) any other thoughts on how to do this?  I'm not keen on paying 
$600-$700 to get one week of email at the cottage we rent ($40/month/1 
year fees+$100 for the mobile stick).


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