[kwlug-disc] OpenWRT / 802.11n / USB / SD / GB - MAC filtering wi-fi side specific?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sun Jan 17 21:10:31 EST 2010

Richard Weait wrote, On 01/17/2010 8:39 PM:
>> And, of course, yet again, Canada Computer has no stock.
> In stock in Vancouver. $100
> http://www.bestdirect.ca/products/222080/ASUS/RT_N16/

Thanks. I've put the notion back on hold pending the fantastic deal 
you find for us on the routerstation pro.

And info. back from Asus on the manual / wi-fi restrictions.

I do find it interesting the resonance this topic ("OpenWRT / 802.11n 
/ USB / SD / GB") has on the list. Clearly there's a need / 
frustration out there, at least in the geek buying public.

	Especially, if I read correctly, your less than full of wonderfulness 
'out of the box' openwrt experience. Aside from whatever 'weirdness' 
of loading / configuring an OpenWrt box, which I have no doubt you 
fully overcame, I would have wished more wonderfulness for you.

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