[kwlug-disc] what time do the doors open this eve?

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Mon Jan 4 16:50:53 EST 2010

On Mon, Jan 04, 2010 at 03:20:55PM -0500, Terrence Enger wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-01-04 at 13:56 -0500, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> > AFAICT, there is nothing at the web site that informs one when the
> > doors open for this evening's meeting.
> > 
> > rday
> Some rummaging around the web site let me know that
> "Doors will open around 6:30pm or so."
> <http://www.kwlug.org/pipermail/kwlug-announce_kwlug.org/2010/000036.html>

I am hoping to be onsite some time between 6:15 and 6:30pm. I have a
sign for the door with a number you can call to reach me so I can let
you in. (Before the meeting you can also try the doorbell.)

I should update the website but I don't know whether I will get to it
before I have to leave for setup. 

- Paul

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