[kwlug-disc] unr / eeebuntu 32/64 bit?

Lori Paniak ldpaniak at fourpisolutions.com
Sat Jan 2 19:13:36 EST 2010

On Sat, 2010-01-02 at 18:06 -0500, unsolicited wrote:

> i.e. If UNR is 32-bit (confirm?) and you're running 64-bit, and 64-bit 
> is highly desirable ... how do I get there?
> - it sounds like I should just ram in kubuntu 9.10 and find the remix 
> package.
> - or, even better (?) Debian, and find a (k)unr equivalent?
I've never seen a 64-bit unr iso/img.

I'd just load up regular ubuntu and then add the  netbook package.  You
might get some extra fluff, but that can be apt-ed away.  You could
probably start with a server install and be more precise, but that would
be more work.

> Check me, please - the point of these remix'es is to have drivers for 
> typical netbook hardware already present, and given the very nature of 
> the hardware, be as power thrifty as possible? Am I missing anything / 
> other reasons? (Not that these aren't enough.)
In principle you are correct, but in practice I think all the netbook
remix brings is the condensed desktop.  The drivers are in the stock
Linux kernel already (mostly) and power stepping is already used by all
other CPUs. One exception:  the dual-core Atom does not appear to have
all the power states one sees in a laptop CPU.  Intel's way of deterring
nice netbooks.

> > Looks like a nice netbook with few compromises. All that is missing is a
> > touchscreen. I wonder how long the battery can hold up?
> Touchscreen - you wish. I don't see too many of those out there, 
> except for tablets (pricey!) and Palms/iPhones. [I still don't 
> understand why Blackberry didn't go there eons ago.]

Not so expensive (though weak in the CPU) - the Asus T91:


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