[kwlug-disc] MS making a bit o' cash

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MS makes lots of money because stupid cattle pay out money for MS license fees.  They do this because good authority has told them they have to.  The good authority, oddly enough, is Microsoft.  

Reminds me of something attributed to Will Rogers: It ain't what people don't know that causes them so much trouble as what they do know that ain't so.  

They don't even want to hear that there might be a better, faster way that would save them thousands of dollars.  

I face similar stupidity every day. 

I think that Linux might have made a bit more than $0, but Linux was not set up to make money and screw anyone who will not be an MS robot.  What is interesting is watching MS having to tailor their operation - curb some of their more predatory practices - because of a threat that they can not buy or bully and that they first ignored as irrelevant. I really enjoy that. 

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They posted a 60% increase in profit last quarter. 


Also, last quarter, linux made $0 :).  Doesn't look like linux on the 
desktop is making an impact at all.  But has it stopped MS in the server 

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