[kwlug-disc] Adding (setting up) 2nd disk.

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Tue Jan 26 08:39:14 EST 2010

I'm setting up a kubuntu 9.10 box, 3 partitions: OS, swap, data.

I would like /home and other good stuff, say /data, to be on the 
second disk.

How do I do this / what are the magic google terms?

mount the 2nd disk as /disk2, and create /home and /data and link them 
to /home and /data on the 2nd disk?

Normally, one would make an entire partition as /something, like 
/home. Here I want multiple /somethings on the second disk.

Are there other good things that should be there too? I presume /etc 
is right out, probably /usr too. /var?

Good reference doc appreciated - "linux partitioning" drowns me as a 
search term.


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