[kwlug-disc] Seeking embedded Linux developer

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Sun Jan 24 05:55:00 EST 2010

Reposting to KWLUG with permission.  Please contact Erik directly for
more info.  See email clue at end of message.

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From: Erik L <erik_list at caneris.com>

Hi everyone,

We (Caneris) are looking for someone to make an existing embedded
Linux distro production-ready on hardware on which it currently
doesn't run.

I haven't specified the hardware, software, or context, so I realize
that's probably as vague as one can get, but that's intentional. There
may be assembly coding required and drivers will have to be
written/modified for sure. Strong knowledge of networking is a must,
including specifically Ethernet and VLANs/802.1q ("strong knowledge"
here means in the context of being able to write/modify a driver).
Previous Linux dev experience with embedded devices required - i.e.
substantial hardware background. This will be a short-term contract
project, with an immediate start date.

If you have previous relevant experience or know someone who does, I'd
appreciate replies off-list.


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