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Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 18 23:30:37 EST 2010

--- On Mon, 1/18/10, Robert P. J. Day <rpjday at crashcourse.ca> wrote:
>   is it just me, or is this guy wildly out to lunch?

He is either honest, naive and misinformed or malicious.

I may be naive but I think it's the firs.

I think it is basic misunderstanding of what Linux distros are. Also a basic misunderstanding of the ecosystem starting by considering it a single ecosystem.

Although there are hundreds of distros many very good, there are just a handful that are "enterprise ready" and by that mean, with the level of support required by the enterprise.

On the Server
Red Hat

On the desktop

Yes, most distributions are for enthusiasts who like to try things and get their hands dirty but the ones listed above are quite stable.

Regarding the one binary supports all versions of Windows. :) I got to laugh. Really. He hasn't been there or done that.

I used to be in "Distribution Systems" at Manulife. Creating and distributing software for the financial advisors channel, who are independent businesses, not a captive audience.

The most tedious part of a release was testing 20+ versions of windows. What worked on the English version may not have worked on the French one, What worked in XP may not have worked on 2000. There was a lot of back and forth.

I think that Linux makes it easy for the vendors. The vendors are the ones that make it difficult for themselves :)

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