[kwlug-disc] Recommended printer / scanner all in one combo.

John Kerr jkerr0102 at rogers.com
Sat Jan 16 20:30:16 EST 2010

Hi everyone 

Thanks to Charles for this information. The posting
by Charles led me to search to see what an F4180 looked like; it lead
me to this website:


where I discovered what a Linux "Target Customer" is:

"The primary target markets for Linux products and services are server
and client operating system environments. Customers who use Linux as a
client operating system (for example a desktop PC running Linux) may be
learning or experimenting with the Linux Client OS as an intellectual
hobby. These customers are familiar with the various Linux
distributions, development community, and Internet-based utilities and
communication tools. The second type of printing customer uses Linux
for its simplicity and economy.".

I am flattered.

It looks like HP is supporting Linux, but it is through the "back door" so to speak.

This site provides more information:


as well as a database of supported products.


Interesting stuff,

Best regards,


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Subject: [kwlug-disc] Recommended printer / scanner all in one combo.
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Thought I would mention that we recently tested a HP Deskjet F4180
"All-In-One" printer with Ubuntu 9.10. It required NO intervention at
all to work. It prints and scans without any extra driver installation
(Ubuntu takes care of it all).



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