[kwlug-disc] [OT] single moniter >> dual monitors

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Wed Jan 13 14:59:26 EST 2010

FWIW, a buddy has a single really big TV size monitor - quite often he 
finds it to be too big. If it has, say, the resolution of 2 or 3 
monitors, wide, it gets fiddly sizing windows appropriately and having 
them stay where put. There seems, and YMMV, instances where just being 
able to slide a window over to a monitor and hit maximize has a 
certain simple elegance to it.

Note, the monitor is not the other side of the room for TV watching, 
it's where you'd normally have your monitor at the end of a desk.

A single monitor might be great for a plane cockpit or a movie, 
perhaps not so great in other situations. YMMV.

Raul Suarez wrote, On 01/13/2010 11:28 AM:
> I find more comfortable with multiple monitors for exactly the same
> reason.
> It gives a logical space where to organize different kinds of work
> without having to tile or resize windows manually.
> --- On Wed, 1/13/10, Brian Nickle <brian at nickle.ca> wrote:
>> From: Brian Nickle <brian at nickle.ca> Subject: Re: [kwlug-disc]
>> [OT] single moniter >> dual monitors To: "KWLUG discussion"
>> <kwlug-disc at kwlug.org> Received: Wednesday, January 13, 2010,
>> 9:54 AM I currently work from three monitors at work.  I would
>> recommend multiple monitors over one big one unless you are
>> really good at window placement or use a tiling window manager.
>> I tend to used each monitor with one window maximized so this may
>> have something to do with my preference.
>> My setup is:USB to VGA -- for trouble ticketing system (left
>> side)VGA main -- for work I am currently doing (middle)Laptop LCD
>> Panel -- for email application (right side)
>> One case where one monitor is better is setup. xRandR is really
>> bad at setting up multiple monitors I find.  I long for the good
>> old days of xorg.conf

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