[kwlug-disc] changes to .doc file from oowriter not tagged in word?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Mon Jan 11 13:46:14 EST 2010

  a curiosity that i've just been told of.  i'm currently doing a mess
of technical editing of word files, and when i receive them, i open
them in oowriter, do:

      Record	X
      Show	X

  the point, of course, is that i want it obvious when i do one of two

 1) make an inline change of some kind
 2) insert a note

i just heard back from one of the other editors that they're not
seeing some of my changes, or more specifically, those changes are not
*clearly* marked so that they might be missed.

  i'm confused.  i asked for more detail, but has anyone run across
this?  the inserted notes are abundantly clear off on the right hand
side of the page image, while inline edits are flagged with an obvious
vertical bar over on the left next to the changed lines.

  i don't see how any of these changes could be overlooked since -- at
least in oowriter -- they're abundantly obvious.  has anyone run into
this?  i'm stil waiting to hear back about some specific examples i
can look at in the files i returned.


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