[kwlug-disc] given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow?

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> > I do not understand why people put up with a product as defective as
> > Windows - a product so defective that it implores you to go and buy
> > anti-virus software as soon as you start it.  It is like buying a new
> > car and when you start it you get a warning light that directs you to
> > the repair shop immediately.  Car buyers would consider that a lemon.
> > In computer-land, MS has made it the happy norm.  This is where Linux
> > and BSD are clearly superior in ways that the typical user (and their
> > wallets) can understand and appreciate.
> I don't agree that your examples are appropriate here. Instead, try 
> 'rust protection' and 'extended warranty'.
> Some cars resist rust better and are better built than others. But in 
> the end, they will all rust, and will all break down.

Nope.  You are thinking disk defragmenter.  I'm talking about
fundamental system security as part of the architecture.  To pass that
off as some kind of incidental option is to buy into 20 years of
conditioning from Redmond.

Let me sharpen my auto analogy:  Would you buy a car that has no door
locks but printed on the driver's seat is a stern warning that you had
better get locks for your doors unless you want someone going through
your car, sitting in your back seat, or stealing your car altogether?
Sure, people steal cars that have door locks everyday, but what would
you say about a manufacturer that doesn't think its customers deserve
locks? What would your insurance company say?  I'd be off to the next

Bad guys will always do bad things.  For the manufacturer of a product
to not put an effort into deterring the bad guys is called negligence.
And for all kinds of products in our society, negligence in design
brings lawsuits.
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