[kwlug-disc] Backup and Recovery in the 21st Century

Brad Bierman bbierman42 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 20:35:23 EST 2010

Here is my suggestion.

For the windows problem, this is what I have done before:
1. Make the system as complete as I want it (everything installed)
2. Boot the system with clonezilla
3. Copy the image to your Linux server

If you need to restore the drive, boot the system with Clonzilla again and
do a restore from your Linux server.  It will be exactly as it was when you
imaged the drive.

You will need as much space on your Linux server as is *used* on your
original drive.  This should work also for Mac and Linux systems.

For an offsite backup, I would have someone I trust with a Linux server and
have an automated rsync over ssh keep information up to date at a defined

When I have had to keep incremental backups from a Windows Server I have
used winSCP (http://winscp.net/eng/index.php) and done incremental backups
to my Linux server over ssh.

If there is any interest in me elaborating on any of this I can spend some
time writing it up.

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