[kwlug-disc] OT: Computer collection for labs

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Wed Jan 6 16:52:12 EST 2010

Yo homies, 

We have a few sets of computers that we are looking to distribute. Our
default option is to sell the computers individually, but if there is
a good organization that needs a computer lab we could distribute them
as a group. The advantage is that they are all the same make and
model, and most of them are pretty reliable. However, they are older
and slower (some of you have smartphones that are more powerful). 

One lot consists of Dell GX110s, with Pentium 3 processors
(500-900Mhz), some amount of RAM (at least 256MB RAM each) and
probably 20GB hard drives or bigger. There are about 60 computers in
this lot. We were using these for our staff computers, and although
the machines are slower they are pretty solid. 

The second lot consists of computers that all have K7S5A motherboards,
with 800-1000MHz AMD processors. I think these have 256MB RAM as well,
with hard drives in the 20GB range. We have about 16 of these. 

Finally we have a lot of quite old Compaq computers. They are Pentium
2 and Pentium 3 computers with 128MB RAM and 6GB hard drives.

In addition to these lab-ready computers there are also a few iMacs
floating around, which we can let go really cheap. They are the old
green ones (not slot loading). For a long time we have been trying to
get some distro working well with them, but we have not had a lot of

I imagine that these computers are too old for people to want to set
up labs with them. However, if you know of a good home for them then
please let us know soon. I don't have exact pricing information, but
it's safe to assume that prices are pretty negotiable. 

You can contact me or Charles if you are interested. 

- Paul

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