[kwlug-disc] adding a second video card

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Wed Jan 6 15:45:07 EST 2010

So what's the deal?

Back in the good old days, I could add another video card to my
working xorg.conf by adding a few extra sections.  The working section
would keep working and I could keep tweaking until the new stuff

That isn't the case since xrandr and bulletproof x kicked in a year or
so back.

Now, xrandr auto detects and configures the first card it finds, then
ignores the rest.  As far as I can tell xrandr will not allow more
than one video card.  Or more than two monitors.  Or more than
2048x2048 display area.

I'd like to avoid jumping back to an old distro before xrandr.
I'd like to add a second video card without messing up the current
config (it's my main machine)
And I'd prefer to stay with FLOSS drivers rather than proprietary blobs.

Any ideas?

Failing all of this, any recommendations for a quad head video card
supported under FLOSS drivers?

Best regards,

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