[kwlug-disc] Handling removable media

Daniel Jolkowski danijolk at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 6 12:26:57 EST 2010

USB automounting didn't work on my system until I added 'exec ck-launch-session window manager/desktop environment &' to .xinitrc.  I'm using thunar as a file manager and would give dbus and/or hal errors before I added the 'ck-launch-session' command.

I also had an issue with hal being started in the background.  Openbox would start before hal had completed what it needed to do to work properly.


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Perhaps it is your system.

Kubuntu just handles that automatically. Nothing special. Just plug in 
a USB drive and it shows up.

Are you still using Mandriva?

Try using the bootable CD of Ubuntu/Kubuntu 9.10 and see if the same media
works on the same PC.

On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 11:12 AM, Insurance Squared Inc. <gcooke at insurancesquared.com> wrote:

Perhaps it's just my system.  I plug/unplug, nothing. I stand on my left leg with my right arm out like I'm trying to get good reception, plug and unplug, and it automounts.  I can't seem to do anything consistently, so I figured it was something I was doing - but perhaps not. 
>Robert P. J. Day wrote: 
>On Wed, 6 Jan 2010, Insurance Squared Inc. wrote:
>>How do folks handle removable media such as USB sticks or external
>>>USB hard drives? Seems like I should be able to just plug in my USB
>>>hard drive and have it automount, but in reality I get nonconsistent
>>>results - can't detect/can't mount, all manner of shenanigans.
>>  on fedora, those sorts of devices automount under /media, typically
>>under their volume name.  never seen a problem.
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