[kwlug-disc] MySQL vs. PostGres license differences?

Rashkae rashkae at tigershaunt.com
Sat Feb 27 09:22:12 EST 2010

unsolicited wrote:
> Was talking with a friend tonight who had looked at the MySQL and 
> Postgres licenses (I have not), and he noted that Postgres was 
> absolutely free, while MySQL was only free for internally developed 
> apps, in a commercial installation.
> What is the issue, and is it an issue in practice?
> Thanks.
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Not a lawyer, and all that.

MySQL is GPL licensed, (with a handful of special exceptions).  It's
perfectly free, but if your apps need to 'link' to the code, it needs to
be under a gpl compatible license.  (I'll leave to others to debate what
exactly constitutes linking and what just usage.)

ProstGre is BSD licensed, and the code can be re-used and linked in just
about any way you want (provided attribution)

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