[kwlug-disc] Printing from Windows on Linux (CUPS) printers

John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
Thu Feb 25 19:59:18 EST 2010

----- "Raul Suarez" <rarsa at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Thank you,
> This is between my home computers. XP and Ubuntu 9.04 (Mint Gloria)
> No firewalls between the computers.

I think cups would be interesting to try, but we've always done it with Samba. We also have generally done it with the Samba server as the WINS server and domain controller, so some

The biggest mistakes that keep Samba from working is:

1. A "guest account =" should be specified. The Linux account specified should exist.
2. If you cannot browse to the computer try specifying the computer by IP address (i.e. Start/Run "\\192.168.x.x."), or by a host name if it resolves, add a C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts entry if needed.
3. Also try running /usr/sbin/nmbd, this will respond to NETBIOS name requests so that step 2 may not be needed.
4. Ensure that smb.conf's [printers] section has "guest ok = yes".
5. Ensure that smb.conf's [global] section has "workgroup = WORKGROUP" (or whatever is the workgroup), "load printers = yes" and "printing = cups",
6. Ensure that /usr/sbin/smbd has started, restart it if you made changes to smb.conf

Use "smbclient -L localhost" to make sure that you see the shares of type "printer" listed.

Then use "smbclient '//localhost/printername' and see if you get a smb> prompt. If you do then try "put /etc/hosts" and see if it prints.

If all else fails think about applying the samba registry patches (usually distributed with samba)

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