[kwlug-disc] Trixbox: yum update breaks IAX clients

Adam Glauser adamglauser at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 11:52:48 EST 2010

unsolicited wrote:
> Adam Glauser wrote, On 02/24/2010 2:28 PM:
>> Lori Paniak wrote:
>>> Maybe try a search for "calltokenoptional" here:
>>> http://www.trixbox.org/devblog/asterisk-16022-released-trixbox#comments
>> Thanks Lori, that was it!  The Asterisk guy thanks you too - he was 
>> about to recreate all the extensions using SIP instead of IAX2 as a 
>> workaround.
> It was the calltokenoptional that broke you?

Yes, from what I understand.  I didn't actually do any of the 
configuration, just passed on the message to someone else, who said it 

> I scanned through the link - is that level of breakage normal at update? 

Did you follow the link that said it had more information about the 
change?  As I understood it, this level of breakage is expected.  The 
IAX2 protocol had a security feature implemented which is meant to 
prevent DOS attacks.

The security measure seems to require the client and server to exchange 
tokens of some sort.  This means that existing clients will stop working 
unless they are either configured to use this new security feature, or 
the server is configured to allow connections without the security tokens.

> (People get upset when their phones stop working. Break their computer 
> if you must, as long as they can get e-mail and web, but touch their 
> phones ...)

Fortunately in our case we've only had the Asterisk box up for a day or 
two, and didn't have a proper phone system before that.  We're still at 
the "working out the bugs" stage.

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