[kwlug-disc] linux on old hardware

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Tue Feb 16 15:04:42 EST 2010

I've run into similar circumstances a number of times. Switching the 
DVD drive seems to do it.

If the disc has an integrity check, run it. If it fails, run it on 
another machine as a sanity check. You could narrow down CD and/or 
drive this way. If it doesn't have an integrity check, many other live 
cds do - you could sanity check somewhat that way.

Try a command line only install / equivalent - that may exercise the 
rest of the hardware to find the culprit, or give you confidence that 
the hardware is ok and the problem lies elsewhere.

john at netdirect.ca wrote, On 02/16/2010 2:31 PM:
> kwlug-disc-bounces at kwlug.org wrote on 02/16/2010 01:54:43 PM:
>> I'm installing mandriva 2010 on an old computer (AMD 2000+, 256 megs of 
>> ram (maybe 512 if I can find another stick)) and not having any luck.
>> When I boot from DVD, it dies at varying points.  Sometimes right away, 
>> sometimes it reads for a bit then dies, sometimes I get the initial 
>> install screen then it dies with something like "isolinux: disk error 
>> 80, ax=4210"
>> I'm reasonably sure that the dvd is fine - I've used it for installing 
>> numerous systems.  I'm suspecting something in my old hardware.  Any 
>> ideas on where to start diagnosing?
> I'm not familiar with AMD 2000+, but I do know that distros have left 386 
> and 486 processors behind, maybe this is another casualty. The processor 
> sounds like it's Pentium III compatible though.
> Another thing to try is a memory check. Don't use the BIOS use memtest86. 
> This is a boot option on Red Hat and Fedora dvds, perhaps it's there on 
> Mandriva. Once you get memtest running let it run for as long as you like. 
> We usually see memory problems within a minute, but running it longer can 
> locate some transient problems.
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