[kwlug-disc] wiping out the initial configuration of mysql?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Tue Feb 16 05:26:58 EST 2010

  for test purposes, i want to be able to totally remove the result of
an initial invocation of mysqld -- in the case of centos 5,4 that
would be running:

  # service mysqld start

for the first time.  as best i can tell, before that initial run, the
directory /var/lib/mysql was empty, after which it was populated.  so
is there anything beyond simply stopping mysqld, then deleting the
contents of that directory to start things over again as if that never

  oh, and i guess i can delete ~/.mysql_history as well.  is that it?
or was something else created and tucked away somewhere?


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