[kwlug-disc] Moonlight and CTV Olympic website

John Kerr jkerr0102 at rogers.com
Mon Feb 8 23:10:36 EST 2010

Ok everyone lets raise hell.

here is the contact site for the CBC 


Please go to the CBC site, try to run a video, fail like I did, and then leave a comment
on the site.

I am going to phone as well. 

I have complained before, I did not get a response.

Don Cherry is always drumming up support for our troops and I admire him for that.
But I believe our country is being betrayed when our national public broadcaster 
designs its website so that free and open media formats do not work.

Free and Open Source Software is about FREEDOM. Freedom that many too many
Canadians have died for. 

Allrighty then.


We act as though comfort and luxury
were the chief requirements of life,
when all that we need to make us happy
is something to be enthusiastic about.
John Eddie Kerr | Guelph, Ontario 

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Subject: [kwlug-disc] Moonlight and CTV Olympic website
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Date: Monday, February 8, 2010, 8:36 PM

Hi peeps, 

I failed to convert somebody to Linux today. The problem was that she
wants to stream video from http://cbc.ca and (more importantly)
http://ctvolympics.ca . The CTV site (naturally) uses Silverlight. I
installed the Moonlight plugin (novell moonlight 2.0) as prompted, but
I still get no video love. 

I looked briefly on the internet for a quick fix. I did not find one,
so instead I will ask you to surf the internet for me. Have you had
any success in getting this streaming to work in Ubuntu under Firefox? 
If so, what magic is required to get things working? 

I don't remember the version of Ubuntu offhand. Information about
getting it running under any version would be helpful. 

Aaargh. Multimedia sucks. 80 characters by 24 lines should be enough
for anybody.

- Paul


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