[kwlug-disc] Moonlight and CTV Olympic website

Insurance Squared Inc. gcooke at insurancesquared.com
Mon Feb 8 16:42:37 EST 2010

I visited the site with mandriva 2010.  Got the 'click to install 
additional plugins' and got a fail - no suitable plugins found.  And 
I've got the powerpack version which is supposed to give me access to 
all those non-gpl'ed media type plugins.

So, not a fix, just confirmation that in fact if there is a fix, it's 
probably not an automatic.

Have you tried distracting the user with a rant about the olympics?


Paul Nijjar wrote:
> Hi peeps, 
> I failed to convert somebody to Linux today. The problem was that she
> wants to stream video from http://cbc.ca and (more importantly)
> http://ctvolympics.ca . The CTV site (naturally) uses Silverlight. I
> installed the Moonlight plugin (novell moonlight 2.0) as prompted, but
> I still get no video love. 
> I looked briefly on the internet for a quick fix. I did not find one,
> so instead I will ask you to surf the internet for me. Have you had
> any success in getting this streaming to work in Ubuntu under Firefox? 
> If so, what magic is required to get things working? 
> I don't remember the version of Ubuntu offhand. Information about
> getting it running under any version would be helpful. 
> Aaargh. Multimedia sucks. 80 characters by 24 lines should be enough
> for anybody.
> - Paul
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